Hotel Transylvania

hotelHotel Transylvania is a laugh-out-loud coming age of story about Mavis Dracula, daughter of the Dracula, as she celebrates her 118th birthday and yearns to explore the world outside the confines of her safe home. Dracula built the hotel as a haven for monsters. Hotel Transylvania is a sanctuary where no evil, blood-thirsty humans are allowed. Mavis’s lavish birthday party should go off without a hitch. All of the monster guests, everyone from the Mummy to Frankenstein to the werewolves, arrive on time, but all of Dracula’s well laid plans are gone to waist when an ordinary human boy wanders into the hotel! Dracula disguises the boy as a monster, but his life is further complicated by Mavis’s growing crush on the human, Jonathan, and the other monsters’ love for him and his stories.

Adults who enjoy classic horror movies will like the movie for its references to the classic monsters that may go over the children’s heads. Quasimodo is the cook; Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride are Mavis’s aunt and uncle; zombies are the bellboys; the Invisible Man startles everyone; and various other monsters that pop up throughout.

Ultimately, the movie has a positive message about accepting yourself and others who are different from you. It is also emphasizes the love a father has for a parent and how parents want nothing more than their children to be happy and the lengths a parent will go to ensure that. It is about finding yourself, taking risks, and chasing your dreams.

The Motion Picture Association of America rated the movie PG for some rude humor, action and scary images.

BMI Film Music Award Film Music: Mark Mothersbaugh, 2013
Kids’ Choice Awards, USA, Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie: Adam Sandler as “Count Dracula”, 2013

Bibliographic Information:

Hotel Transylvania. Dir. Genndy Tartakovsky. Perf. Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler. Universal, 2012.


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