Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke, narrated by Elliot Hill

ghostknightCornelia Funke’s Ghost Knight tells the story of eleven-year-old Jon Whitcroft, who has been sent away to a boarding school he is sure he will hate. But he never expected to be chased by angry spirits or to makes friend with quirky Ella who has a taste for adventure. After summoning the spirit of Longspee to fight out off the angry spirits, there is only one question left: Can Longspee be trusted?

The audio book starts out strong, but fizzles out near the end. It is not for a lack of action. There’s a scene early on in the book that I thought was the climax of the entire novel! It felt resolved and over. Not having the physical copy, and not paying attention to how many more hours the audio had, it was surprising to see how much longer the audio lasted.

Perhaps this was also because this particular scene had more than just the narrator’s voice. There were the sound of horse’s hooves, clashing swords, and an increased space of the narrator’s voice. The rest of the action scenes (and there are many) are lacking in this regard. The narrator is far from monotone and his accent is charming, but there are multiple occasions where the text finishes with the character “said tensely” or “tersely” or something to that effect, but the narrator’s voice gave no indication of this. It requires readers to reimagine how the sentence was said.

Despite some of the lacking in the narration, the story is engaging enough to draw readers in and keep their attention. This is good audio for children who are already listening to and might prefer audios, but is probably not the best choice for someone who is new to audiobooks.

Bibliographic Information:
Funke, Cornelia. Ghost Knight. 2012. Narr. Elliot Hill. Audio recording. Listening Library, 2012. 23 March. 2014. Digital File.

2013 Odyssey Honor

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