Magazines can a excellent source for children, but magazines are often get overlooked. While they are shorter and do not have the same gravitas as books, the information in a quality children’s magazine can delight, thrill, and educate as well as any book. Magazine could be a great resource to utilize for reluctant readers. The stories will be short enough that their attention shouldn’t wander too far away and by presenting stories in a shorter format, it will help the child to associate reading with positive aspects.

One great children’s magazine is Cricket, which has both fiction and non-fiction stories. Some of the stories are standalone, but others are broken into parts, serialized within the volumes. The fiction and non-fiction are balanced nicely and the non-fiction stories are written in a narrative form. If not for author’s note and aspects the children can easily research, it would be easily to confuse the too. However, this is a strength of the magazine because it makes the non-fiction stories comes to life and create characters the readers can love and a conflict then will want resolved while providing opportunities for further research and learning,

The readers of Cricket are called bugs and they can write it with comments and questions. The letters, and sometimes answers, are at the beginning of each issue. There are also poems featured along with the winners of a poetry contest at the back of this issue. Peppered throughout are bright, bold illustrations in various mediums that are sure to grab the attention of the readers. They do not detract from any of the print, but enhance the words on the page.

Cricket is an excellent choice for both avid and reluctant readers. It is good to try and entice reluctant readers into reading and would be good for avid readers who might not favor non-fiction or want to try reading a format other than novels. Cricket is best for upper elementary readers.

Bibliographic Information:
Letvin, Alice. Cricket. Vol. 41, No. 6., 2014. Print.


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