Abby the Librarian

Abby the Librarian is an amazing resource for librarians in Youth Services and those who are considering attending library school or are already attending school. As a relatively new librarian (she completed her degree in 2006), she remembers what it is like to attend library school and the challenges and rewards that poses. Her section “So You Want To Be A Librarian?” is good not only for students, but is a great resource for anyone to learn more about librarians and what it takes to become a professional librarian. It is a good resource to mention to patrons, family members, whoever, so they can learn more about the profession and better appreciate what librarians do every day.

Abby’s blog has a dedicated storytime section that is full of ideas to borrow and adapt to best suit your library. They can offer inspiration about new and different ways to consider storytimes or even just to take one aspect of her storytime to make it your own. Abby also talks about all the other program she helps to facilitate like her monthly homeschool program and the innovative programming she’s doing there. Recently, she did an easter egg poetry hunt ( She also reviews books and talks about staff training and development along with reader’s advisory and how to better serve their patrons.

She also features a collection of audio book reviews from around the web, neatly organized in once space. She also discusses her staffs Reading Wildely, which is where she requires staff members to read one book in a particular genre, fill out a form (that she has posted for free on her blog), and then they booktalk them once a month. She also includes articles for her staff to supplement the reading to spark discussion, and she generally shares the sources for this articles on her blog also.

The only downside to her blog is that she doesn’t appear to use tags for award books, which would nice to access. Everything else is accessible using a tag associated with a particular post on the left side of her blog.

Abby the Librarian blog is one Youth Services/Children’s Librarian professionals should take a look at. Abby has guest bloggers and is a monthly contributor on ALSC (which we all probably know about), but it is good to know about blogs like Abby’s that are for children’s libraries and librarians outside of ALA sponsored blogs or website. Those are incredibly useful also, but as emerging librarians like my classmates and I, and practicing librarians, not only do we need to be open to change in our libraries, we need to be to finding information in new ways. Also, she has a visual resume. It’s amazing. I have never seen one of these, but I like it much better than a typed one (

Abby’s blog is definitely one I will be telling my coworkers about and checking regularly, not only for storytime ideas, but for program ideas to adapt and for information on library school as I finish my degree.